Her Body In Good Hands

Her Body In Good Hands

Her Body In Good Hands

My biggest fear on my way there was doing something stupid like extending a hand to shake by force of habit as I introduced myself or mindlessly using expressions like ‘need a hand?’ Trivial. My biggest fear now was getting caught staring at the large braless breast in the loose white shirt of Miya, the girl I was supposed to care for. The shirt was a poncho on her limbless torso, but it still hugged unmistakable curves with a gravitational pull on my eyes. From the few furtive glances I couldn’t resist, the perfection of these draped puppies was her most attention-grabbing feature despite her glaring handicap. Not that she’d be any less cute without big perky handfuls; she was an attractive blue-eyed teen with short, messy blonde hair and a bright, welcoming smile.

“So, ehm, are you hungry? I’m not a great cook but I make some of the best cereals,” I said, looking at the cupboards to avoid the reflection of Miya’s tits in the oven door.

She giggled from her chair. “Mom helped me eat before going but I’ll take a rain check on those amazing cereals. I bet you get the milk ratio just right.”

“Damn right!”

Miya’s mother had just left for an apparently well-deserved cruise and left her daughter in the care of an inept attendant clearly way over his head by how quickly he was falling in love with her beautiful, witty daughter. Perhaps that woman did not consider her daughter a potential recipient of sexual desire because of her special physique or she wouldn’t have hired a man to take care of her for three whole weeks. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that maybe she’d need my help changing her clothes at some point. Would I have gotten over my immature naughty thoughts by then?

“I could really use a shower though.”

“A shower?” I almost did a spit take without drinking anything. But yeah, amputees need to take showers too. I mentally slapped myself and recovered. “Of course. So you’re OK if I carry you there?”

Her giggle pierced through the uncomfortable moment. “Yes, unless you’d rather watch me roll on the floor. No punting please.”

“Fair enough, I’ll go for the two-point conversion. Here goes...” I swear I tried my best to avoid touching her chest but my index and thumb squished a lot of underboob as I picked her up.

She was laughing the whole way at how bad I was at this. “You’ll get used to it,” she told me with a wink that almost made me trip on my feet.

Where do you leave a quadruple amputee in a bathroom? Obviously not on the floor, so I placed her gently on the counter next to the sink, my fingers instantly missing the feel of soft titties through her shirt. "Are you OK here while I turn on the water?"

“Can you undress me first?”

“Hmm... errr... well...” The more I was stalling, the more sexual I was making the situation. “Of course.” So I sofly clenched the bottom of her oversized shirt and peeled the single layer off, catching two voluminous obstacles. I could imagine her breast being hoisted by the shirt then tumbling out in slow-motion bounces even with my eyes shut tight.

“Are you going to take the whole shower with your eyes closed? Might be a little difficult to find what you need in an unfamiliar bathroom.”

“What do you mean? I’m not going in there with you am I?”

“I can’t even pick up a bottle of shampoo, can you imagine me trying to handle a slippery bar of soap with my mouth.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said, and Miya’s smile told me she was just pretending to be insulted. “I’m still wrapping my head around your limitations. I didn’t bring a change of clothes but maybe your mom has shorts I can use as a bathing suit.”

“Eww, I’m not going to make you wear my mom’s shorts. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, I’m the one with the weird body.”

“It’s not weird,” I said a little quicker and louder than I probably should. “It’s...” I stopped myself from saying jaw-dropping. “I want to take a step back and make sure we’re completely on the same page. You want me to undress you.”

I still had my eyes closed so Miya vocally nodded at the obvious.

“Undress, myself.”

Again, obvious.

“Help you wash. With, like, my hands?”

“Unless you’re really dextrous with your feet.”

“I don’t... I don’t think I can do that. Having someone help you in the shower might be normal for you, but for a man it’s...” Don’t say erotic you dumb idiot. But as I tried to think of a word that wouldn’t make me sound like a creep, Miya read my mind.

“Are you worried about having a boner?”

“What?! No...” and as I said that, I opened my eyes, momentarily forgetting why I had them shut in the first place. Miya’s body in nothing but white lace underwear took my breath away. Each breast was almost as big as her head and with pale nipples that made my mouth water. My hands twitched, reluctantly obeying my brain’s command to NOT reach out and squeeze them. I didn’t need to worry about getting an erection mid-shower anymore as it was ready to spring out of my pants right now.

“I’d be flattered, really. Means what’s left of my body still has some appeal.”

“Don’t say things like that; you’re beautiful.” It had to be said, and I was looking into her eyes when I said it (I think). I sighed. If this was a prank or a trap, all I could do was hope they didn’t cut my final appeal to reason from the hidden camera footage: “If anything I do or any part of this is making you uncomfortable at any point, you tell me and we rectify it right away, OK?”

She dropped the cheeky smile when she replied 'OK' to show she was serious.” I felt a little better about the whole thing.

Miya had been oddly silent since her eyes grew wide at the sight of my regrettably erect cock. If she was indeed flattered as she said she would be, it was definitely mixed with disbelief. My penis did look bigger than usual next to someone as tall as my knees.

I was sitting on the shower floor with a warm jet on my nape, surrounded by shower products I had taken off the caddy. Being nestled on my cross-legged lap was Miya’s idea. Water was a wastin’ so I did my job as professionally as I could despite the shaft of my engorged penis pulsing against my client’s vulva. I shampooed her hair and lathered her neck, hoping that the running soap would take care of parts I shouldn’t be touching my with hands. But there were four grey areas I was unsure about.

“Is it OK if I wash you here?” I didn’t have to touch or point, Miya knew where I meant. What a titty-blinded fool I had been to miss that her exaggerated confidence was a defense mechanism. I could feel her insecurities through the shivers of the light torso in my arms.

“You don’t have to... it’s OK.” Her voice was trembling and I knew she thought I was grossed out by the scars.

So I answered by running a soapy hand on her right arm’s stump, running my fingers gently on the scar, and caressing the nub with the steady hand of someone not grossed out at all. Miya made multiple stifled moans and I could understand why; giving a man full access to what she considered shameful parts of her body was a purely erotic experience for both of us.

“Is it OK if I wash you here?” I repeated, pushing my luck. Once again I didn’t have to specify the next body parts I wanted to wash.

“I was wondering if you were saving the best for last.”

“I don’t know how thorough I should be.”

“Very, very thorough.”

And so I didn’t hold back. I washed, squeezed, and wrung every square inch of slippery flesh from these massive torpedos. The nipples were so clean I could eat off them, which I sort of did when I popped one into my mouth by leaning forward over Miya’s armless shoulder. She never stopped moaning her encouragement so I kept getting rougher and rougher with her titties until she finally stopped me...

“Your cock is poking my ass.”

“Oh, sorry!” But before I could shift things around, Miya announced her ultimate goal.

“Maybe you’d make a better seat if it was inside my ass?”

“Are you sure?” I wasn’t asking about sex, since that was inevitable by how intimated we had become in the last 10 minutes, it’s the anal part I wanted to confirm.

“I want it to be special for you too.”

It was already plenty special but I didn’t argue. Without fumbling nervously or asking for advice (I had come such a long way) I raised Miya by the underside of her breasts and placed her on my erection. She wriggled in my hands, trying to find my soapy glans with her anus. Once she did, all I had to do was slowly lower her down but my slippery hands lost their grip on her slippery tits and Miya sunk down 5 inches of my shaft before friction stopped her around the halfway mark. She gasped. I gasped. And after making sure she was OK, I went back to my titty-massage while her ass slowly swallowed the rest of my cock.

We stayed like this —me masticating her breasts with my hands, her masticating my cock with her rectum— until the water ran cold but I simply turned it off so we could keep going. When Miya cums it’s like every muscle she doesn’t have tenses along with her, and as the intial wave of pleasure washes over her, she dedicates all of her waning strength to grinding so that I can cum along with her.

I walked from the bathroom to the bedroom with a girl anally impaled on my cock; not a lot of people could say the same. I was still hard but once on the bed, Miya managed to convince me to pull out, insisting she wanted to thank me for all the orgasms. She wormed her way between my legs and turned around. Ignoring that my cock was coated in spent cum, she swallowed it whole.

That blowjob ruined me. How can any able-bodied person compete against a girl who uses her mouth to write, paint, and stir? I couldn’t believe she had only one tongue. I didn’t last long and she eat all of my cum with hearty gulps. It was my turn to return the favor and the thought of sticking my wet cock in her wet slit renewed my erection. I knew Miya was game for anything but I still threaded carefully, ready to abort at any objection about virginity or pain or anything I might have misunderstood about her condition. There were only gasps from Miya, the same gasps I heard when I penetrated her bum, the gasps I grew so fond of. My entire cock disappeared inside her abdomen and the gasps turned into moans as I kickstarted increasingly powerful thrusts.

Her breasts weren’t so slippery anymore and it felt like I understood Miya now. She wanted to play to her strength. She wanted to give me sensations other lovers were overly equipped for. So, yeah, I fucked superman-style like a fleshlight by my grip on her clamped breasts. Don’t ask me how able-bodied girls are supposed to compete with sex like that either. I filled her pussy with cream then switched holes and refilled her ass with more cream. It is a daily workout that has kept me in great shape to this very day.

When we finally collapsed back on the bed, Miya provided me with the softest, most comfortable pillow I’d ever had.

“Are you hungry?” a little voice interrupted my morning dreams. I was nibbling on one of my pillow’s nipples.

“Yeah...” All that sex yesterday made me forget about supper. “Ready for the best cereals you’ve ever tasted?”

“Would you be insulted if I distracted myself while we ate?”

You know, having a girl bouncing her ass on your cock takes all the awkwardness away from spoon-feeding her. It was the best three weeks of my life and that, girls, is how I met your mother.

“Jesus Christ, Dad. Did you have to include all the sex stuff?”

“I’m going to go throw up.”

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