'm Amina Zulfiqar, studied in UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FAISALABAD UAF, and I'm 22 years old

I currently reside in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are two sisters and 2 brothers. When he was 16 years old, my young cousin Zohaib came to live with us so that he could attend a decent school. His family resides in a rural community about three hours' drive from Faisalabad. My father is a 16 grade officer in UAF dispensary;

'm Amina Zulfiqar, studied in UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FAISALABAD UAF, and I'm 22 years old

This is my first story that I have tried to write. It has a gradual build-up and is connected to reality; as a result, it is not a fast-paced "wam bam thank you ma'am" kind of thing. When they engage in sexual activity, all of the characters in this story are at least 18 years old. *****************

I'm Amina Zulfiqar, studied in UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FAISALABAD UAF, and I'm 22 years old. I currently reside in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are two sisters and 2 brothers. When he was 16 years old, my young cousin Zohaib came to live with us so that he could attend a decent school. His family resides in a rural community about three hours' drive from Faisalabad. My father is a 16 grade officer in UAF dispensary; he isn't very wealthy, but we are extremely nicely housed in an exclusive neighbourhood. My parents' room is on the ground floor, along with a guest room. On the upper floor, Zohaib and I both have a room with an adjoining bathroom. Only when we have numerous guests is the one bedroom on the upper floor used. As he settled in, Zohaib enrolled in an O level school. Although he is almost 6 years my junior, our families have always been quite close. At occasional family get-togethers, we saw each other quite frequently. His father served in the Air Force before retiring and relocating to a local rural community.

Zohaib wasn't used to living independently from his parents, so when he moved in with us, he was a little bewildered. He was very much liked by my parents, and they did their best to look after him. I did everything I could, and before long he began to feel like a member of our family. My parents began treating him like their own kid after six months. He has always been a sweet and loving child who is a little bashful. Since I used to assist him with his studies, my mother occasionally asked me to attend a Parents-Teachers Meeting at his school. I adored the way he introduced me to the class as his older sister. Here is worth mentioning a coworker, Sameer who I thought was caring and love in fact he was. We developed great bonding in work areas that then grew to the relationship. I was very happy as we lunched out, dined out, celebrated key occasions in our lives. One night Sameer asked me out as I didn’t need to get ready because i was tip top type of lady from the (moan i mean lol) morning to the evening.

I called home to informed that she’d he late or will be staying office tonight as result of annual meeting. We rushed at very good restaurant in People’s colony in Faisalabad, we dined and chatted a lot about hear and say. After that Sameer informed me about to king suite he booked for us. We went to the hotel (I can’t mention the hotel name here) and checked into the room and hugged each other like we were lost and found years after. While hugging Sameer started moving his hands behind my back and progressed down to my ass cheeks and started squeezing them. Sameer: You look gorgeous tonight as everyone in the office and restaurant were staring at you with lust. I laughed at him vigorously.

Amina: But they couldn’t get me to the private room, you got lucky, boy. Smirkingly Sameer: tonight i’m going to make you woman like ever again I had made you. Tonight you are mine only. Amina: I also like your courage to screw me. That’s why I chose you honey. When i said this Sameer put his lips on mine and started kissing me passionately. I was responding to him as well. I put my tongue into his mouth and holding his back head and crushing into my mouth. We were acting like a mad lover. He was squeezing his chest against my 34 boobs and with his hand doing to my ass holding my left leg to his back hips. We were kissing for 10 minutes then we breathed at ease. I started unbuttoning his shirt and started kissing on his chest, his shoulder and neck. Meanwhile, he was squeezing my boobs. It was a pretty big arousal for me. Amina: Tonight I’m going to eat you like a love beast. Sameer laughed and held my boobs even tighter.

After sometime, i got down and undid his pant and slip it all the way down and undid his shoes like a faithful wife which i wasn’t. Started kissing his belly and chest and his nipples. Then i sat down while he was standing in front of me like a little obedient boy. I started kissing his thighs and pelvic area. He was on the skies. He got the boner within his under garment. I was amazed, looking at that because it was because of me. Then I slipped down his underwear and his bulge was at display I touch his penis like a whore and started kissing on the top of his penis. By doing this, that grew even harder. I started tonguing on his entire penis. Then I put his penis in my mouth and started stroking it in and out. I try to deep throat his little prince. I was eating his penis like there was no tomorrow. After sucking of 10 minutes sameer was moaning like aahhh ahh. Sameer: I’m cuming my slut Amina. Amina: Please cum in my mouth. It’s been a while I haven’t tasted any boy’s cum.

I started stroking his penis in and out of my mouth vigorously, and within two minutes, he started spraying his sperms into my deep throat. I swallowed all of that and got up. I started kissing Sameer everywhere on his face. Amina: I love you so much when you are doing it. Then I took the charge of action. As he was naked, he folded up my white transparent kameez as one can usually see my bra and other part of her body. I helped him removing my shirt and my pink bra was in view along with my white body. I was a bit chubby, but i was cute and sexy. He started kissing my boobs out of the bra area. I was moaning as i was receiving that love after 2 months. Then he unhooked my bro and remove it from my body. He started squeezing my boobs with both hands and took my right nipple into his mouth. He was sucking my boob like he was eating. He was biting my boobs, a living, the love marks on it. I was holding his head back to push into my boobs. It was out of the word feeling for me, or for any girl to feed the boy who is about to fuck her. After that, he went down on my belly, while kissing each part of that. I was mourning like never before. He was different today. He was treating me like I was a princess. Then after he slipped down Shalwar and so my matching pink pantie. It started kissing my thighs while squeezing my ass cheeks. I was pretty arousal with his actions. Then he finally kissed my my pussy over the pantie and my pussy was already wet. He started licking my holy water about my pantie. I was like I’m about to explode. But he stopped and slipped my pantie down in my private area was exposed. I was looking at his face. I wanted to see his reactions while looking at my pussy. His dick was harder than ever again like he’s about to start fucking me for the entire night without an interval.

He kissed me on my pussy, which shivered me that much I can’t explain. He begun sucking and licking my pussy for awhile and then inserting his tongue into me. I was about to cum that faster so informed him. Amina: I’m about to cum. Ahhhh me mouth fuck me harder… please Sameer make me cum harder. I’ll be your slut forever. He sucked me harder along inserting 2 fingers in my tight pussy. I came twice faster than ever as he couldn’t hold all of my water. He drank sone of my water rest was on his face. He came above and started kissing me passionately then he threw me on the bed and i was on my stomach. He started sucking my back from neck then my chest back and then hips.

Then he straighten me up and put his large penis in my mouth just to lubricate then he positioned himself between my legs and position his dick on my vagina, and started rubbing it on, I was in the cloud, as it was the memory making moment. Then he looked into my eyes, which made him assured that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. He put my legs on his shoulder and inserted his dick into my love hole in one jerk. Amina: ohhh you are killing me, please go slow. Sameer: I will fuck you the way I want, and if you tried to stop me, then I would fuck your little sister and your mother in front of you and we would have a foursome as well. Amina: awww i knew you had an eye on my sister Fakiha and my mother.

As he was pounding me hard while talking to me about my sister and mother. Sameer: yes I’m imagining ow that i am fucking her instead you. Amina: aahhhh ahhh aram se chodo meri behan ko (please fuck my sister slowly.) Sameer: I want to make both of your sisters my slut forever. Please help me fuck her as well. Amina: On one condition only. Sameer: I would do anything to fuck your sister. Amina: you would have to fuck me all the day before you fuck her next day. Sameer: Very horny you’ve become these days. Ok deal done. He started pounding into my pussy, even harder than that in and out in and out.

And I was getting crazy. I was matching with his pace from behind. His dick was 6 inch but he used to fuck me for hours and doesn’t get tired. After few strokes i was about to cum. Amina: ahhh ahhhhh Sameeeeer please…. please don’t stop,,, fuck me hard, Fakiha’s virgin pussy is awaiting you. So i came trice imagining of my younger sister being fucked by my colleague and he stayed there in me and stopped stroking. He started kissing on my lips and i was kissing him back to thank him the way he serviced me well. Later i said to him. Amina: These boobs are for you. Please suck all the milk from them. I really want you to use my body extensively. Sameer: Sure Amina i want to enjoy your body as much as you want it. Even i want to make love to you every night. Amina: if you say so, we can have our daily session behind the office building in our car, because in the afternoon, there is no one around. Sameer: that’s very nice. How did you figure this out? Amina: i had a fucking session with our boss to get promoted four months back at the same spot. Sameer: oh my God, how did you get fucked by 65 years old man? Amina: he’s not old man by his dick, he fucked me better than you did ever. Smirkingly Sameer: oh really how long was he?? Amina: he was roughly 8 inch with visible girth. It was like i lost my virginity with him and did four times that day.

He occasionally invite me to his home when his 40 years old second wive is not around. Sameer: you are black horse literally. Amina: hahaha thank you for the way you appreciated. While talking about the Boss I was high again. Sameer was on the top of me and kissing all over my face and neck and I hand on his hard dick and set on my pussy. Sameer stroked all of his length into me. I gasped and moaned. I pulled his mouth on my nipples to suck while he was fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. He increased his speed and i was on the verge of cuming again, i started moaning AAHH Sameer PLEASE DON’T STOP AND FUCK ME HARDER. He was like pulling his dick till his dick inside me and stroking back into my clit and i was in the air. I had never been fucked before like that. Within a min a came and he kept stroking me and i was kissing his face because he gave me my super moment. He was about to cum and he was fucking me faster. In a min he came into me and his sperms were deep into my pussy and i could feel his hotness into me. He pulled his dick out and laid on his back. I stood up and kissed on his naval and then dragged my touch while licking to his semi hard penis.

I started licking our love juice from his dick and started taking that monster in my mouth. Sameer was enjoying the moment again. I told Sameer that it is the reward for you to fuck me passionately. His bone started hard again and i smiled at Sameer and asked, Amina: What does your dick want now? Sameer: Now he want to beat your beautiful ass. Amina: Sorry honey, i am gonna give this chance to my husband. You can eat and fuck my pussy as much as you want. Sameer: Ok as it’s your call. Amina: Good boy. Now lick my pussy. Saying this i laid on my back and he came into my legs. He directly applied his tongue to my pussy line. I was loving his because he was making love to my most secret part. After five minutes of sucking i asked him to get on the top of me and insert his rod into my tunnel. Seemed Sameer wanted to fuck every fucking minutes in next 24 hours.

He inserted his dick with one stroke and fucked me harder for next 20 minutes. I came within 10 minutes due to last 4 orgasms and he came into me in next 10 minutes of fucking. After that we slept the whole night and in the morning we got up and ready to rush to office. In office Sameer asked me to show him my younger sister’s pictures. Amina: Why do you want that?? Sameer: During our fuck session you said fuck Fakiha harder. So i want to see her. Amina: You rascal now you are thinking about my sister? Sameer: Just want to see her. Amina: Okay you go to your cabin I’m coming after five minutes. After finishing my work i went into his cabin, and locked the door, I walked near him and asked him make a seating arrangement for me. Then he smilingly spread his legs and I sat on his lap. I kissed him passionately, and he started squeezing my boobs after five minutes of the kissing I broke the kiss. I took my cell phone and open the picture folder containing Fakiha’s pictures. I gave him the phone to see her pictures.

While seeing her picture, he said. Sameer: your sister is bombshell, even at the age of 19. Amina: oh, fuck yourself don’t call her that. Sameer: I am not kidding. She would be the best in the bed. While watching her pictures and talking about her, he was squeezing my boobs, and sometimes laid his hand on my pussy. I understood what he wanted. Amina: what are you thinking? I don’t think you’re thinking straight. Sameer: you are right, my darling, I want to fuck your younger sister. Amina: What??? it is not possible. I can’t let you fuck my sister. Sameer: I want you to make that possible for me or you’ll have to fuck two of my friends. Amina: I cannot fuck anybody except you. Sameer: Then accept my first option. Amina: (while standing from his lap) OK I will think about that. Sameer: you have a three days to convince her. Amina: OK I will tell you where we need to go and when. Saying this, she came out of his cabin.

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